What are the Best Water Main Replacement Methods

What Are the Best Water Main Replacement Methods

Plumbing problems are something no homeowner wants to deal with, but you might be in need of a water main replacement if you’re experiencing them. 

Replacing a water main line is a complex process, and there are a few methods that can be used to accomplish it. Here’s everything you need to know about water mains and the best methods for replacing them.

What is a Water Main?

A water main is the main pipe that brings water to your home. It’s usually located underground, and it connects your home to your city or community’s public water source. A water main is different from a private sewer lateral line, which takes the sewage away from your home. The water main brings fresh water into your home, and water running through it only flows in one direction.

Common Problems in Water Main

All pipes are bound to have problems eventually. Cracks and holes can develop in the water main over time, often because they are under a lot of pressure due to their underground location. A break in a water main will cause excessive flowing of water that will eventually rise to the surface. This could cause flooding in your yard, street, or even in your home. The risk of flooding and contamination makes it essential that you shut off your water immediately when a water main break occurs.

Water Main Replacement Methods

Depending on the severity of the leak or break in your water main, it might be possible to repair the line rather than replacing it altogether. A full replacement is recommended when the home is over 50 years old or you’ve experienced persistent plumbing problems for several months or more. Once you’ve identified that you’re in need of a water main replacement, here are our recommended methods:

  • Trenchless

    – New trenchless technology in plumbing has made it possible to replace a water main without digging up your entire yard. This is called trenchless water main replacement. In this process, two small holes are dug on either end of the water line and tools are used to pull the pipe out while simultaneously pulling a new pipe in its place. This is the best method for replacing a water main.

  • Dig a Trench

    – Some circumstances might not allow for a trenchless replacement. In these circumstances, a large trench must be dug over the water line so that the pipe can be pulled up to the surface and replaced from above. This is a less desirable water main replacement method because it disturbs your landscaping and requires much more manual labor.

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