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Enjoying Your Heated Home And Warm Water

Heating your home can be both a modern convenience and a necessity, and is probably one of the features of your home that you can’t imagine living without! Consider all of the times you rely on heat to carry on with your day-to-day routine: when you start the dishwasher or washing machine, when you turn up the thermostat, when you step into a hot shower, or when you come inside to warm up on a cold winter day.
Most of the times, the systems that keep this heat working are “out of sight, out of mind” . . . that is, unless they stop working.

Water Heater, Boiler, and Radiant Heat Services

At Quick Quality Plumbing, we specialize in servicing, repairing, and installing these critical systems that keep your water hot and your home well-heated. We know that you rely on your water heater and boiler to keep your home comfortable and livable. We even offer installation for radiant heat systems (small heating cables situated below floorboards) to keep your floors warm, and your rooms more evenly heated.
Our services include:
With over 20 years of experience, our plumbing experts at Quick Quality Plumbing are equipped to help with all of your plumbing needs. Don’t suffer through cold showers, or the high energy bills that come with outdated boilers and water heating systems; let our team of experts find the best solution for your unique situation.
Boiler Facts and Tips
If you think something is wrong with your boiler, the first thing to check is the pressure relief valve, since it releases excess steam and prevents combustion. Simply do a cursory check to make sure steam isn’t escaping from the pipes in places where it shouldn’t.
Modern boilers are more affordable than furnaces, produce more heat, and some provide 95 percent more efficiency than the old boilers common to the last century. There’s no pilot with modern boilers, they’re much smaller, and they can work hand in hand with hot water heaters.
Water Heater Facts and Tips
Sunny regions can benefit from using solar water heaters to drastically lower energy bills.
There are pros and cons to both tankless and conventional systems. Because conventional water heaters have a steady reservoir of hot water, standby heat loss occurs when that water isn’t in use. However, sometimes a tankless water heater can’t keep up with the demand if a lot of water is being requested at one time. Do your research to determine which system is best for your home.
Radiant Heating Fun Facts
Because hot air rises, with a conventional heating system, your home’s warmest air is closest to the ceiling. With radiant heating, heat lingers near the floor where you can benefit from it.
Glass, a longtime enemy of traditional heat, actually works hand in hand with radiant heat. Instead of heat escaping through older windows, the glass reflects long-wave radiance, helping to keep the house warm.
Underfloor heating is actually standard in other countries, including Korea, Germany, Austria, and Denmark

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