Swamp Cooler Service, Repair, and Installation In Orem, UT

Keeping The Heat At Bay In Utah County

With Utah County’s variable weather, sometimes residents forget that we do, indeed, live in a desert. However, during the sweltering summer months, that fact is impossible to forget! Our team at Quick Quality Plumbing understands how important it is for the folks of Utah County to have a functioning cooling system in their homes to enjoy comfortable summer living.

The Benefits Of Swamp Coolers

Many people immediately assume that using Air Conditioning is the best way to keep cool. However, swamp coolers (also known as “evaporative coolers”) also are effective systems, and often provide numerous advantages to AC:
Swamp coolers use much less electricity—up to 75% less!
They improve indoor air quality by bringing in new air from outside, rather than recirculating old air like an AC system
Swamp coolers add moisture to the air
Lower upfront and installation costs
More eco-friendly with significantly lower CO2 emissions
Swamp Coolers work best in desert climates, because they keep the air cool via water evaporation (if you have ever enjoyed the chilled feeling on your skin after getting out of a pool, you have experienced the cooling effects of evaporating air). When the air is drier, it is very easy to manipulate water into vapor. This makes Utah County the ideal place to put a swamp cooler to use.

Installing And Maintaining Your Swamp Cooler

Here at Quick Quality Plumbing, our experts can help you with all your swamp cooler needs. Whether you would like guidance selecting a new model, fast installation, or routine maintenance and repairs, our specialists are ready to assist you.

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