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Flooding Hazards In Utah County

Living in the desert conditions of Utah County, homeowners generally don’t think about the hazards of flooding until their basement floor is inches deep in water. When flooding damages possessions, and compromises the foundation and structural integrity of your home, you’ll be left desperately wishing that you had a sump pump.

Peace Of Mind With A Sump Pump

When it comes to preventing basement flooding, a sump pump is your first line of defense. A sump pump’s job is to get rid of stagnant water that pools in the sump basin in your basement. The pump automatically turns on when water levels raise, transporting it up a pipe, and away from your home. During heavy rainfall, you’ll be able to relax, knowing that your sump pump is ready to kick on and protect your home.

Easy Installation With The Help Of The Experts

Sump pumps come in many different types: electrically powered, battery powered, submersible pumps, pedestal pumps, and more. It can be confusing knowing which pump is the right fit for you, especially since you also need to take into account several factors in your home: the depth of your basement, the depth of the groundwater, and the drainage area.

At Quick Quality Plumbing, we know that installing a sump pump can be a messy job. Our sump pum experts get the job done quickly. When installing sump pumps, our team always:

Determines which pump is best for your situation
Decides the most appropriate place to allow sump pump outflow
Ensures the sump basin is properly covered, making sure it is not a danger to small children or pets, and the debris that could clog your pump is prevented from falling in
Discusses back-up pump

Our team can instruct you on the best ways to keep your sump pump running properly, and to check that it is running great throughout the year. Get in touch with our expert plumbers to get your sump pump installed today.

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