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How Clean Is Your Water?

Even living in a great, mountainous region with fairly fresh water, residents of Utah County still have certain levels of sediments and chemicals in their household water. Some of these elements are things you wouldn’t want to have in your drinking or bathing water, and others can shorten the lifespan of the pipes in your home.

Chemicals In Drinking Water

Even if tap water tastes fine, there are a variety of contaminants in tap water that no one would want to consume if they knew the facts and risks. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) actually allows certain levels of sediments and chemicals in drinking water, because just like with food and beverages, it’s nearly impossible to remove all chemicals from water.
Certain chemicals like chlorobenzene and dichloroethane are allowed in drinking water in trace amounts, but are associated with health risks such as kidney and liver issues, and increased risk of cancer (yikes!). Other things in our water have no regulated levels, such as aluminum, copper, silver, and foaming agents. Any number of these things could be going through your body on a daily basis if you don’t have a water filter.

Problems With Hard Water

chemicals in drinking water
“Hard water” is water that has high mineral content, particularly minerals like calcium and magnesium. If you’ve ever been to a natural cave and seen the cave formations coating the wall, those formations are made of the same elements that exist in hard water, creating buildup in your showers, bathtubs, sinks, and faucets. That same buildup can accumulate inside your pipes, too, making them more prone to being blocked off.

Enjoying Cleaner, Softer Water

Here at Quick Quality Plumbing, we know that choosing the right water filtration and water softening products can make a huge difference in water quality. We are happy to recommend, supply, and install the most reputable water filters and water softeners on the market. Our expert plumbers are acquainted with the most efficient and durable systems and can help you choose one that will still be working great in your home years down the road.

Your pipes will thank you for the softer water, and your family will appreciate not having to deal with the effects of drinking water chemicals. Make the change today to purer water.
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