Never Settle for Less than Quality Plumbing

It’s easy to underestimate the need for quality plumbing, especially when drains and pipes in your home are working as they should. That can all change quickly when a problem arises. If you’ve ever had a pipe burst, a toilet backup, or a water heater fail in the middle of winter, you know the value of properly functioning plumbing. Here’s why you should never settle for less.

Quality Plumbing Keeps Your Home Safe and Healthy

Modern plumbing is designed so that the pipes carrying wastewater and those carrying clean water don’t interact. Building regulations require either an air gap or a physical separation between pipes carrying different types of water to avoid cross-contamination. Outdated or improperly installed plumbing can cause major problems when the sewer lines back up, leading to contaminated drinking water in your home. Quality plumbing eliminates potential disasters like this, keeping your home and family safe and healthy.

Bad Plumbing Is Expensive

Having a bad plumbing system can cost a lot of money. If you find yourself with no hot water, a broken pipe that’s gushing water, or water continually flowing out of your toilet, chances are that you’d pay just about anything to have it fixed. On the other hand, you could call a plumber today to check out your plumbing system and fix any problems before a disaster arises. Investing in appropriate plumbing and maintaining it properly can save you a significant amount of money over your lifetime. Backups, leaks, and other damages are less likely to occur with a good plumbing system, so it can save you a lot of stress, too. 

Avoid Preventable Disasters

Plumbing disasters can happen to anyone, but they’re more likely to occur in older plumbing and poorly installed or maintained systems. Water leaks, for example, are extremely common in poor plumbing. A small leak might not seem like a big problem initially, but over time it can lead to mold development, cracks in the walls, and even a damaged foundation. 

Not sure how much life your plumbing has left? A professional plumber can take a look at your complete plumbing system and identify any weak points or areas of concern and help you address them immediately. Taking this simple step can save you a lot of money and heartache, and help you avoid preventable disasters in your home or property.

Quick Quality Plumbing Is Here

High-quality plumbing is an essential piece of a functioning home. That’s why Quick Quality Plumbing is here to make that happen. Our experienced and professional team is here to help with all of your plumbing needs. We provide 24/7 emergency plumbing services, leak repair, drain cleanings, water heaters, and more throughout Lehi, Utah, and the neighboring cities in Utah County. Don’t wait until a disaster strikes to address the issues with your plumbing. We’ll come to assess your system and make sure everything is functioning as it should so you can stay disaster-free. Give us a call today!

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