3 Major Benefits of Having a Water Softener in Your Utah Home


Utah is well-known for having remarkably hard water, but a water softener can remove many of the harmful minerals from your water. 

Hard water has high amounts of calcium and magnesium dissolved in it, among other minerals. In small amounts, there’s nothing wrong with them and they can actually be good for you. But water with a high concentration of these minerals can wreak havoc on your home and your body. 

Softening your water can help reverse these negative effects and prolong the life of your appliances as well as the health of your skin and hair. Let’s take a look at 3 major benefits of having soft water in your Utah home. 

Stronger Plumbing

As hard water flows through your plumbing system, it leaves mineral deposits all along its way. In all of your pipes. In your water faucets. Showerheads. In your ice maker. Inside your dishwasher. The inner workings of your washing machine. Your coffee maker. The water heater. 

Literally, every single thing that water flows through in your home is affected by hard water. Mineral deposits in your plumbing and appliances decrease their useful life and cause to earlier breakdown and excessive wear and tear. 

A water softener counteracts this by removing the hard minerals from your water, stopping the buildup, and leading to healthier, longer-lasting plumbing systems. 

Healthier Skin and Hair

The minerals in hard water leave a film over your hair and skin that makes it difficult for moisture to penetrate. This causes dry and brittle hair that is prone to breakage and has a similar effect on your skin. Switching to soft water means softer and healthier hair and skin because it removes the mineral film and allows much-needed moisture to enter the skin and hair follicles to strengthen them. 

Less Wear and Tear on Laundry

You already know that your washing machine can be damaged by hard water, but did you know it can have a similar impact on your laundry? Washing clothes in hard water contributes to fading and can cause clothes to wear out more quickly. Not to mention, it leaves your towels feeling hard and crunchy even when they are fresh out of the dryer.

Water softeners keep clothes brighter for longer and reduce the wear and tear that can be caused by hard water. Washing towels in soft water is a great way to keep them soft and fluffy, too. 

Quick Quality Plumbing Is Here

If you’ve been noticing mineral buildup around the fixtures in your home, it might be time for a water softener. Quick Quality Plumbing is here to help! We can help you choose from a variety of water softeners and filtration systems to help fix the problem, and we’ll install it for you so you can rest easy knowing your drinking water is safe. We serve clients in Orem, Utah, and the neighboring cities in Utah County. Give us a call today!

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